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OUTDOOR blinds


Vertical drop awnings (also known as outdoor roller blinds) allow external sun control and complement any external façade. They are specially designed to withstand the harshest summers and winters. At Lusso, we provide a premium service that specifies, supplies and installs a range of luxury outdoor awnings on the Gold Coast.


Our outdoor blinds are custom-made to reduce the sun’s penetration and absorb heat. They control the entry of natural light, heat and sun radiation from the outside, allowing you to extend outdoor living areas, while maximising the advantages of glass and views from the inside. Our external screens and awnings can be manually operated or motorised by Somfy and come with quality and performance warranties.

Our outdoor roller blinds have a wide range of installation options, from discreet stainless steel side cables to sleek aluminium side channels powder coated to suit any exterior, we have the right window coverings to suit your outdoor space. Lusso’s external fabrics offer a wide range of colours and patterns. We only use highest quality materials and fabrics from reputable suppliers from the Gold Coast and around the world.

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  • Reduces suns heat by up to 90 per cent
  • Reduces air conditioning costs
  • Crank or motorised operations
  • Sun and wind sensor options
  • Stainless steel guide cables or side aluminium channels
  • Headboxes to conceal in architecture
  • Literally hundreds of fabric colours available
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Escape the Heat with Our Outdoor Blinds on the Gold Coast 

The Lusso outdoor roller blind is the perfect furnishing for your outdoor living space. It is where contemporary design and luxurious textiles meet innovation for the modern home.  

Made from resilient, weatherproof materials, our outdoor blinds for the Gold Coast provide protection from natural elements. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, it offers superior sun and wind protection and is waterproof to shield you from rain.   

Not only can our blinds protect your outdoor furniture, but they can protect you too. The blind provides a shield against harsh sun, allowing just the right amount of warmth and light into your living space. Waterproofing and strong materials ensure you are shielded from heavy rain and harsh winds. 

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Install the blind in your outdoor living space as a vertical drop awning, or externally over windows. The contemporary design makes it possible for you to enjoy the outdoors without compromising on your comfort or privacy. 

We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality selection of luxury textiles and modern design, as well as a premium service from consultation to installation. From start to finish you can expect first-class customer service, consultations at your convenience, and a free quotation. Enjoy being part of the process and customise your furnishings from the colour down to the automation.  

We are also with you every step of the way, so you can enjoy peace of mind after installation with our Guarantee. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, and will fix or replace your installation for free until you are satisfied.  

As one of the leading suppliers of outdoor blinds on the Gold CoastLusso’s Fashion for Windows is the answer to your outdoor furnishing needs. 

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Outdoor Blinds Gold Coast

Our outdoor roller blind is custom-made to your window and works by reducing the amount of sun entering it. Made from resilient materials that absorb heat and reduce the suns penetration, they control the entry of natural light and heat entering your living area. 

Installed as a window blind or vertical awning, our outdoor blind acts as an external screen against the harsh elements of the outdoors.  

Extend outdoor living areas or simply add a layer of protection for your comfort and safety. The blindlet you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with convenience at the touch of a button. That is because they are motorised by Somfyand can be easily operated or adjusted to suit your preference.  

Our quality blinds are designed with you in mind. Choose from a luxury series of resilient fabrics and modern tones to suit your home. The discreet stainless steel side cables allude to a modern aesthetic, while the sleek aluminium side channels are powder coated, custom to your preference.  

We have taken care to make sure that our outdoor blinds Gold Coast are made of the highest quality materials, sourced both locally and internationally.  

Awning Features

Our vertical awning functions as an outdoor blind for external living spaces. This pioneering design is ideal for any outdoor living space and is custom-made to suit your home.  

Weatherproof materials and the option of automated operation make it a must-have for the outdoors. Enjoy the beauty of nature and the comfort of home with our outdoor blinds for Gold Coast sun and weather protection. 

The blind functions effectively as a vertical awning for the outdoors and is loved for its versatility. Adding a touch of stylish modernity and contemporary form to the outdoor living area, our product is as decorative as it is practical. 

Pair the tone and fabric choice to the pre-existing colour palette of your living space to either blend in or stand out.  

The automated operation and weather sensors provide an ultramodern take on the traditional blind. Choose between a crank operated or motorised outdoor blind version, and pick out the side fitting of your choice.  

It is innovation made simple! Every home on the Gold Coast can enjoy contemporary design and a host of innovative features with us.  

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Why Use Lusso Superior Outdoor Blinds?

  • Waterproof materials & Resilient, weatherproof textiles
  • Choose from a luxury series of materials and colours
  • Modern design
  • Minimalist stainless steel side cables
  • Sleek aluminium side channels, powder coated
  • Easily adjustable
  • Fitted head-boxes for easy concealing
  • Sun and wind sensors